If You Get Divorced in the UK, Do You Need to Register It?


When people get married, they often don’t account for the negative things that will happen during the marriage, but they’re there, and they probably always will be. If a marriage isn’t working out, people tend to file a divorce, especially when adultery or similar action has been committed by one of the married individuals. Divorce can be a tough thing, especially for families with children, but in a way, it can also be liberating.

When getting divorced, there are countries that require the couple to register the divorce, as well as countries who don’t. What about the UK though? Getting divorced is complicated, it can be a ton of paperwork and long conversations with lawyers. In the UK, people who get divorced have to visit a lawyer and registrar their divorce in order to make it official. People who have been divorced in a different country don’t always have to register a divorce if they move to the UK.

So, divorced people who arrive in the UK with plans to stay there don’t necessarily have to register their divorce. This is as long as the divorce was registered and validated under the jurisdiction of the foreign country where it was acquired. In order to be able to successfully validate the divorce (in both countries) one of the divorcees has to be a resident, national or citizen of the country where the divorce was acquired, whether with the help of family law solicitors Manchester or others.

When getting divorced, there is a ton, and I mean a ton of work that has to be done, from signing papers to finding certificates, it can be a pain. It’s highly recommendable that before marriage, couples consider all the scenarios that could present themselves while they’re married. Most marriages are successful, but that’s because they’re not rushed.

It’s complicated to get divorced, but once the order is validated, it’s very simple to validate it in different countries without having to register it. Save yourself some time though, and do things right. Don’t rush into a relationship or a marriage if you don’t know everything you need to know about the other person first. Avoiding a divorce can save both parties a lot of time and money. Overall, it’s easy to validate a divorce in the UK since there’s no law that requires you to registrar it, but there are rules that have to be followed. If you plan on moving to the UK, consider everything you need to do and obtain before trying to validate your divorce. If you’re planning on getting divorced though, make sure you consider everything you need to validate & register and how to do it, especially if you’re moving away to a different country, in this case, the UK.