Functions of family court

Do you know the role and functions of a family court? The family courts la n important role in resolving the family-related issues, including divorce, division of property, and child custody issues. The court endeavors to assist and facilitate the parties in arriving at a settlement. If the court thinks that there is coping with resolving the problems out of court, it may adjourn the proceedings to assist them in reaching an amicable settlement. The family lawyers represent their clients during the court proceedings, and if you have any consultation requirements related to divorce and other issues, you may find a family law solicitor. There are different reliable family law solicitors Manchester firms to help you and advise you about the process.

The family court may be deemed to be a civil court, with some exceptions. The court resolves the issues related to wives, children, and parents that may be associated with the code of procedures.

Mandatory personal appearance

In a family court, you are not entitled to be represented by the legal practitioner. You need to appear yourself f in the court along with your lawyer. So the personal appearance is mandatory.

Oral evidence and affidavit

The court may record its proceeding and what the witness says. The memorandum may get signed and become of the court record. The court may summon and examine any person at the request of a party and demand an affidavit.


You have a right to appeal, consequently upon the decision of the family court. You may request to a higher court after the judgment orders passed by a family court. If the family court passes a decree with the consent of the parties, there will be no appeal.


If you want to appeal against the judgment order of the family court, you need to file an appeal within 30 days. You will lose the right to request if the period exceeds.

It is a fact that family courts play an essential role in settling the issues related t family affairs and complications. The court may divide the property and resolve the problems related to child custody and child support and financing. The family lawyer may represent their clients and also facilitate to go for a settlement out of court.