Does a child have a right to see both parents through ‘shared custody’

Globally, about 200,000 children in a year get affected by parents who divorce. It has also been found out that most of these children end up staying with their mothers.  In fact, 73% of the children of divorced parents live with their mothers and occasionally visit their fathers.

People have been concerned about the children in such situations, especially after a research revealed that the active involvement of a child’s both parents is very important to their development and well-being. While this might be the case, there are questions into the matter and people have been wondering if a child actually has a right to see both parents through ‘shared custody’.

Should you be an individual in the North West wondering if a child actually has the right to see both parents, you can get advice from some of the best family law solicitors Manchester experts. These are experts who can offer help by providing the right legal guidance. Currently, the UK family lawyers explore the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights (2011 Article 24) to understand the law governing the rights of a child after divorce.

As per the law in EU, children should be allowed to maintain meaningful relationships with both their parents. Relating to this issue, the father’s involvement in the child’s rearing and care tasks has grown significantly in recent decades. It has also been noticed that the mother has been in a lot of participation considering her engagement in labour. All these considerations have called for new family arrangements to be taken into account in public policies.

While many parties advocate for the child to see and spend more time with both parents, there are parts in the law that stipulate children to spend more time with both their parents. The Convention on the Right of the Child, Article 9-3 stresses the right of a child separated from both parents or either. As per this section, the child has the right to maintain the personal relationship as well as direct contact with both parents. It is, however, only workable if it has the best interests to the child.

In Manchester, you can seek the best family law solicitors Manchester team to interpret the law for you and the family offer guidance. The law states a child shall not be separated from their parents against his/her will unless it is determined otherwise by competent authorities subject to judicial. These will show that that separation is necessary for the best interests of the child.

Since there are several sections of the law to consider when determining the right of a child to see both parents following a divorce, including the balance of a parent between work and family life as well as the consequences of residential arrangements on the health and welfare of children, it requires experts to guide you. If you are in North West England, you can seek the best family law solicitors Manchester firms for excellent advice.